Wednesday, November 26, 2014

marion barry rip

i shook his hand once at perry's sushi, also rip i think.

i was having drinks with the hairy stripper.

the mayor was glad handing his way through the hip adams morgan restaurant.  he shook my hand but barely glanced my way; his twinkly eyes where riveted on anne, the mischievous, blond, hairy stripper.

i was the manager of an adams morgan shop and anne was an employee.  we used to hang out together. it was dc in the 80s. it seemed like everyone, not just the mayor, was doing a lot of coke. that's just how it was.

anne had applied for a job and i hired her.  she was a  ballet dancer but moonlighted at a gentleman's club- the good guys. she was constantly urging us all to go down there and see her work.  but i never did. at that time she was conventionally groomed, not at all hirsute.

but she often didn't show up for work in the shop, and gradually she seemed more and more strung out. i started urging her to take break from the nightlife, make extra money some other way- teach dance or something, something that would help boost her health and self respect; it was naive of me, but...

then one day she came into the store: "i've been listening to everything you've been saying! and i'm going to do it!"


"i'm going to stop shaving my legs and armpits and if the guys don't like it they can go f--k themselves!!!"

well, i don't now how she extrapolated that from what i had said, but i guess it was her own personal feminist statement.

she meant it.  she stopped shaving and...

...became even more popular at the club! so much so that she didn't need a day job anymore.

she was starting to look slightly weather beaten at a young age, but she was vivacious and men were always drawn to her. not the least, washington dc's mayor "for life." marion barry.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

i try not to opine on this blog but...

while I'm on the soapbox, I'm so glad that our president is finally free to to be at least a fraction of the visionary he appeared to be when he first ran for the office

like wyatt earp at last he's facing intimidation with guns blazing, and after 6 years under the heel of republicans in the house he's finally free of electoral pressures and finally free to act.

i support his initiative because economists agree it benefits our american economy.  I'm delighted that's possible while also helping individual people. it brings a several million strong underground economy into the legitimate world and allows that block to be a spur to new business catering to these new tax paying workers.

and its also politically shrewd 'cause those millions may now feel loyalty to democrats.

the others, who oxymoronically* call themselves "right," are concurrently trying to figure out how to exploit the  latin american voting block.  that's why they are so angry that the president will now get credit for protecting

*i use the term as william f buckley did- inherent contradiction.

Friday, November 21, 2014


assuming officer wilson will not be indicted, does anyone else think it would be irresponsible to announce the findings at night?  friday night?!

better to announce it in the early morning? monday morning?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

photo project

a few more pics from the series of tableaux i'm doing with artist julia kirchmer.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

the guitar and red polaroid are acquisitions from my favorite thrift shop- $10.00 each! film for old polaroid cameras is now available again, thanks to the impossible project.

the gladiolas, lobster rolls and red plastic lotus candle were for mom's birthday.  the  lotus starts out closed up like a bud. when you put a match to the top it erupts like
a roman candle and the leaves fall open. each lotus petal has a birthday candle attached and the whole flower actually spins and plays a whiny electronic version of happy birthday as the candles burn- pretty spectacular. purchased at nomad.

Monday, September 15, 2014

the cutest way to get around annapolis- water taxi!

we call the water taxi and ask them to pick us up- they tell us how soon they'll get here. maybe average 10 or 15 minutes.  we walk down to the little pier at the end of the block, meet the boat and take a 15 minute ride to davis' pub in eastport for crab cakes. costs 3 or 4 bucks each way.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

c h s and i packed  a lot into 24 hours on a tiny budget when she passed through new york last week. first a high line bee line from gansevoort to 21st st salvation army where we found great vintage clothes and a brand new $600.00 pair of marques almeida shoes! we left s a around 6 with huge bags full of stuff, but we didn't have time to to drop them at the hotel before the cool tap jam at smalls jazz club, (every wednesday night) so we just lugged them along to the show.

in jazz tradition the tap dancer is considered a member of the band and judged more on hir* sound than visible style, and this jam, open to any dancer who shows up ready to hoof, is in that tradition.

later, burgers and beers at corner bistro- some of the tap dancers turned up there too. draft mcsorley ale is only $3. at the bistro!

finally, nightcap at the beeeeeyootiful jane ballroom!  oh, 'cause we were staying in a wee twee bunk bed cabin at the hotel.

next day we shopped chinatown dollar stores,(whence the collapsable jesus fan) ate 4 for a dollar dumplings at vanessa's on eldridge st, and stopped in mercer books where, speaking of jazz, they had the milt jackson lp.  i got to meet him once, when he played the king of france tavern, where i was the hostess when i was 17.

the bloody marys were at cafe gitane and catch roof near the jane in the meat packing district.  not always crazy about innovative bloody marys but the special one at catch had basil, cucumber and coriander along with horseradish, etc- really really yummy! gitane's "moroccan" is good too, also has coriander.

*hir is the gender neutral pronoun i'm proposing. "his or her" is just too cumbersome for modern communication.  some people use "their" but that sounds inelegant when the subject is singular, right?