Saturday, July 20, 2013


brunch at vinateria was fantastic!  and what a beautiful space!  weathered thonet chairs, milk glass pendant lights, zinc bar... another new restaurant on frederic douglas in harlem.  another new favorite.

the steak and potatoes were perfect.  unfortunately, i didn't realize the delicious  beet salad would come with oranges.  since i'm honoring the forida boycott, i won't have it again when we go back tomorrow, if they're from the gunsfine state!  so many other enticing things on the menu, anyway.

it was really nice to meet fay, the owner's mother, and to see familiar faces from another favorite, max soha.

evolution now phoenix pillows- for sale at nomad!

evolution now phoenix pillow cases on display at nomad in cambridge massachusetts.

the phoenix is hand screen printed on european vintage stock institutional muslin covers.  heavy handsome linen-like fabric.

more nomad here.

Friday, July 19, 2013

florida boycott is working!

that was fast! as reported by the daily beast: link

mike observed a week ago that the stand your ground law essentially legalizes dueling. well at least shootouts, i guess.  two people, each packing, are within the law to shoot at each other if they fear harm.

the president said as much today when he asked: what if trayvon martin had had a gun and chose to stand his ground?

participate in the boycott here or here.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

goodbye tropicana! stevie 1der n i r boycotting the GUNSFINE STATE.

when i heard about the zimmerman verdict my immediate response was to draw this.

simple minded, but i wore it around all day.  when the law protects a killer better than it protects a teenager, moral outrage is appropriate.


 i was interviewed by quiet lunch magazine.  though somewhat nervous and inarticulate, i at least managed to protest the outcome, and announce my own personal florida boycott!

i'm at 4:35 and 8:41 in the video.

others spoke better, and, in spite of the fact that i wasn't sure the piece had appropriate gravitas, (much like my own response, yes) it actually does get into the issues.

i have good friends and kin in florida and would never boycott them or other citizens of the state.  but economically, legally, i'm trying to put some distance, just for myself. 

found out stevie wonder is, too- link.  thanks norm and mike! 

is there such a thing as fresh squeezed california orange juice?

update: media coverage of the boycott here and here.

and here's where to join the boycott- link.

Monday, July 15, 2013

art galleries- neue galerie. the guggenheim. the metropolitan museum.

looking out the window at the guggenheim.

earlier we saw the haunting civil war photography show at the met.  the highlight was a series of over 30 3d photos which one can see through a 19th century 3d viewer.

there was a picture of lincoln and general mcclellan during a tense battlefield meeting under the eaves of a tent. seeing it in stereoscopic photography gave the eerie feeling of being almost actually present at the scene.  a voyeur peeking under the tent flaps, witnessing their famously strained interaction.

two great civil war books:

i'm afraid this is how i'm feeling about florida right now- not the people of the state, of course- but apparently the justice system allows a grown man with a gun to stalk an innocent unarmed teenager, provoke a confrontation, and kill him with impunity. perhaps this could happen anywhere, but the stand your ground law and others seem partially to blame.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

a terrible day for florida and america.

can it really be legal for a man with a gun to stalk an unarmed teenager in the night and kill him if he tries to protect himself?

this just can't be true!

i'm in tears over the horror of this.

Monday, July 1, 2013

new york

bryant park
grand central station.

evolution now screen printed linen.