Thursday, December 5, 2013

reverence, lament, for Nelson Mandela.,

sadly for all on earth, Nelson Mandela has left us, and joined the great majority.

he was the epitome of honor.  a man so honorable that it seems impossible to overstate his courage, vision and grace.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

christina recently had an observation published on the chesapeake bay foundation blog:"When I was a little girl there was a sandy beach at the foot of Market Street in historic Annapolis. At that time the waters of Spa Creek were clean and clear enough that we would collect brine shrimp, minnows, baby crabs, and snails.
As an adult, I live in Shady Side, Maryland. We live a block from the Bay. Our neighborhood has recently completed a shoreline restoration project so we have a little sandy beach. It [has] been tough seeing the [Bay's] decline over the years in so many areas, but it looks like people are taking a serious interest in [restoring our waters] and giving back. It's great to see."  
—Christina Demorest-Sugg
Shady Side, Maryland 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

jamie foxx, quvenzhane wallis and cameron diaz. orphan annie on 127th street.

this month we've been living on a film set.  a huge hollywood musical is being filmed on our doorstep.  our streets, convent ave and 128th, have been a field of traffic cones and huge white production trucks as scenes are intermittently filmed in the nabe.

it's the new ghetto version of little orphan annie, due for release next christmas.  it stars jamie fox as daddy warbucks and quvenzhane wallis plays annie.  cameron diaz is the orphanage governess.  we've seen the actors on the street and the proprietors of our corner bodega seem to be on good terms with them and the production crew.

a lot of the action takes place on 127th street, where the production opened a new 100% fake bodega, indistinguishable from a real one.  it's caused confusion and amusement as neighborhood people try to go in and purchase stuff.  the movie has also opened a little laundry-mat and flower stand, and removed the signage from maison harlem so the chic downtowny restaurant doesn't ruin the barrio vibe of the scenery.

Monday, November 18, 2013

owl shirt harriman state park.

another trip to harriman state park. a clear full moonlit night, and a deep misty morning.

owl shirt from five mile road.

Monday, November 11, 2013

north end cold water flat. boston.

photos of artist julia kirchmer.

wintergreen, partridge berry, pipsissewa. woodland plants in harriman state park.

wintergreen (gaultheria procumbens) 

familiar and beloved from childhood. michigan and western maryland woods. dad knew these plants and taught us their names... and which ones we could eat!  wintergreen- it's mintier than mint- leaves and berries edible, minty.

partridge berry (mitchella repens.) most of the tiny leathery leafed evergreen woodland plants are related to blueberry.  but partridge berry is related to bluets, coffee and quinine.  it has tiny symmetrical flowers- white trumpet shaped pairs.  each pair forms a single berry.
 here's another beautiful one!  it's pipsissewa (chimaphila maculata,) relative of blueberries, mountain laurel and wintergreen, but how did it get those white veins?  considered medicinal. here it's growing right next to it's cousin, wintergreen.  the common names of these plants vary from region to region; pipsissewa's called spotted wintergreen, and wintergreen is sometimes teaberry... 
oh, i posted this picture before, but forgot to brag-  i made this fire from one match and no paper- just leaves twigs and fallen logs!

we saw garter snakes and a deer, not much wildlife. though there was this, very rare, gnome sighting!

not my best outfit?!

veteran's day.

our dad is a world war two veteran.  he volunteered as a young man, after the attack on pearl harbor.  to him and all the honorable men and women who've served in the u s military- thank you!