Monday, September 15, 2014

the cutest way to get around annapolis- water taxi!

we call the water taxi and ask them to pick us up- they tell us how soon they'll get here. maybe average 10 or 15 minutes.  we walk down to the little pier at the end of the block, meet the boat and take a 15 minute ride to davis' pub in eastport for crab cakes. costs 3 or 4 bucks each way.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

c h s and i packed  a lot into 24 hours on a tiny budget when she passed through new york last week. first a high line bee line from gansevoort to 21st st salvation army where we found great vintage clothes and a brand new $600.00 pair of marques almeida shoes! we left s a around 6 with huge bags full of stuff, but we didn't have time to to drop them at the hotel before the cool tap jam at smalls jazz club, (every wednesday night) so we just lugged them along to the show.

in jazz tradition the tap dancer is considered a member of the band and judged more on hir* sound than visible style, and this jam, open to any dancer who shows up ready to hoof, is in that tradition.

later, burgers and beers at corner bistro- some of the tap dancers turned up there too. draft mcsorley ale is only $3. at the bistro!

finally, nightcap at the beeeeeyootiful jane ballroom!  oh, 'cause we were staying in a wee twee bunk bed cabin at the hotel.

next day we shopped chinatown dollar stores,(whence the collapsable jesus fan) ate 4 for a dollar dumplings at vanessa's on eldridge st, and stopped in mercer books where, speaking of jazz, they had the milt jackson lp.  i got to meet him once, when he played the king of france tavern, where i was the hostess when i was 17.

the bloody marys were at cafe gitane and catch roof near the jane in the meat packing district.  not always crazy about innovative bloody marys but the special one at catch had basil, cucumber and coriander along with horseradish, etc- really really yummy! gitane's "moroccan" is good too, also has coriander.

*hir is the gender neutral pronoun i'm proposing. "his or her" is just too cumbersome for modern communication.  some people use "their" but that sounds inelegant when the subject is singular, right?