Wednesday, July 23, 2014

hilyer photography

c hilyer sugg has been posting some beautiful photos from france! tina and alfred's daughter.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

josephine olivia. i fell...

chrissie, christina and i saw josephine perform last year at 49 west in annapolis.  this song became a real earworm for me.

the jane hotel!

finally spent a night at the jane hotel!  it's so cute.  the rooms are like cabins or old train sleeping compartments.

a friend and i once took a train like that through the alps, from prague to  milan.  even longer ago, one winter, i lived aboard a 75 year old yawl in annapolis. as the caretaker. all wood, brass and macramé- this hotel room was so reminiscent.

even after 10 years living in harlem i still like being a tourist in new york city.

the jane was built in the nineteen aughts, a residence for mariners.  survivors of the titanic were housed here. in the interim it morphed to gritty single room occupancy dwellings, and now to poor man's boutique hotel (and it's still morphing- sro residents still occupy some of the rooms, which are gradually being converted as they depart.) rooms start from $105 plus tax for this cute cubby with shared pristine deco bath down the hall. one can also get a bigger room and private bath for $300.00 something.

Monday, July 14, 2014

marah. new york city show last night at bowery electric.

a new favorite band! marah.

tina's college bud kai on banjo.

fiddle prodigy gus rocked out on a 3 string cigar box axe-
this show reminded me of billy ruane and mark sandman...

i sure miss morphine and the hypnosonics...  and billy's parties.

glad the middle east is still standing and thriving!

new york music daily link about marah

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

independence day road trip

country towns, dive bars, roadside attractions, lakes, mountains, cheap motels and the odd fancy restaurant in western maryland.  christina took me on a 4th of july road trip!  mostly pics of frederick, and the tiny town of thurmont in the appalachian foothills. at night things were kind of quiet, but it was fun in the motel room sipping wine, glued to the walking dead marathon on the tube! made it all the way back to annapolis on back roads and scenic byways!