Sunday, December 23, 2012

bill cunningham

our santacon outfits made it into the new york times a few years ago.  we're at 0.29 in the slide show.

bill cunningham  on the street.

we stopped doing santa con though because the tone seemed to have changed last year, less whimsey and creativity and more bad santas.

Friday, December 21, 2012

stop and frisk part 2

a few minutes ago i was walking down to 125th st and i passed 5 police surrounding a boy in a hoodie, maybe 13/14 years old. an adult woman and a younger girl were standing by.

he implored them: "can you tell em to let me go?"

"they just want to talk to you..." the woman said, looking worried.

my heart sank- another young kid of african descent detained by police for wearing a hoodie while black- probably to be patted down- how can this possibly be good for society?

but, on my way back, an ambulance was on the spot as well, so, more likely, something legitimately threatening had happened.

my initial reaction shows yet another undermining effect of the hideous stop and frisk policy.  an average citizen like me, seeing police activity on the street, finds it more likely that they're harassing an innocent pedestrian than fighting crime.  these stops humiliate law abiding young people, and discredit the reputation and integrity of police as well.

the whole situation is just so unhealthy for all concerned.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

thanksgiving and gala birthday weekend

thanksgiving at balthazar and...

later that night, (4am) kgb.

59th st.

dancing at sammy's.

on thursday, the first day of the gala 53rd birthday weekend, we were on our way into maison harlem (after piraats and escargot at yatenga) when a black lexus pulled up and a woman stepped out.  maison is an anomalous chic downtowny new presence on a corner frequented by people who hang out in front of the bodega next door and ask for a dollar when you go in to get your 40 oz.

"whoopi goldberg!" one of them exclaimed.

"yeah, yeah..." she muttered, sweeping through the corner hangers and into the restaurant.

no one asked her for a dollar.

birthday dinner. french 75s and seafood at balthazar.

more birthday (thank you, john!) at freeman's!