Friday, March 30, 2012

paul richard in graffiti book.

paul richard is an amusing artist who i knew years ago and who i've mentioned several times in this blog link.  his work is included  in this great graffiti collection.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

tate & modern. street art? ad? both?


new and i don't know what/who it is. it's witty and charming and looks like street art but it could turn out to be an ad campaign, i suppose.  wheat paste on orchard street- references to shepard fairy, andy warhol, tate modern, gilbert and george, apple... anybody know?

health care- individual mandate.

the world is turned upside down as far as i can tell.  republicans want to pay for other people's health care.

that's what happens every time an uninsured person goes to an emergency room. uninsured people go to emergency rooms far more often than the insured, and emergency room healthcare is far more expensive than the care i and other insured people get.

my premiums and taxes go up up up every time someone who doesn't have insurance goes to an emergency room.

emergency room health care costs me (and you!) more than obama care.

obama care saves me (and you) a lot of money


Sunday, March 25, 2012

harlem glamour. good bloody mary. brunch at red rooster.

marcus samuelsson's  house recipe bloody mary is unique and delicious!  a slightly crunchy spice mix with surprising coriander taste.
the food was exceptional as one would expect. link: red rooster

the great actor, author, and activist ruby dee happened to be dining at red rooster and on her way out she stopped to sing wade in the water with the band. the band was playing the song as ruby dee was leaving.  "wade in the water- that's my song!" she exclaimed- and she joined in to much applause.

her look- ...please, let me have just a fraction of  this much beauty and style when i'm "grown up" (!)  (and ruby dee is so cool i'm sure that's fake fur!)

a more dear to my heart but less celebrated harlem spot here- the fabulous dive, st. nick's pub.  sadly, now closed- apparently due to all the unregulated happy times people had there.

rock out flood song here when the levee breaks led zeppelin

Monday, March 12, 2012

bar hopping.

bowery hotel.

army of one.  freeman's alley. this is rare these days.  how long has it been here?

freemans. my favorite bloody mary.
arlene's grocery.

 fish bar.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

simple economics

i try not to opine too much on this blog, but i've been listening to so much commentary about birth control and it is almost never discussed as an economic issue.  married and other sexually active women who have birth control work.  married and other women who don't get access to birth control have children, and can't.

in times like these, does it make sense to remove wage earners from families and add more dependent members of society?  it sounds like a good way to increase welfare recipients to me.

i'm surprised that's what republicans want.

i will soon post statistics about the economic supremacy of countries with women in the workforce.

my suggestion for rush limbaugh


these appear to be a recent  addresses-
Registrant Information
Residential Address:1495 N OCEAN BLVD
PALM BEACH, FL 33480-3044
Mailing Address:PO BOX 2182
PALM BEACH, FL 33480-2182
Date of Birth:1/1951

Voter Information
Registration Date:3/4/1997
Last Vote Date:2/2/2010
Party Affiliation:REPUBLICAN
Active Status:ACTIVE
Precinct 1:1196 
Precinct 2:0
County District:1
State House District:083
State Senate District:025
U.S. House District:022
General Election 2008:VOTED
General Election 2006:VOTED
General Election 2004:VOTED
Primary Election 2003:VOTED
Primary Election 2002:VOTED
General Election 2002:VOTED
Primary Election 2000:VOTED
General Election 2000:VOTED
Presidential Primary 2000:VOTED
General Election 1998:VOTED

Saturday, March 3, 2012