Tuesday, October 19, 2010

3 am saturday night harlem.

woke up at 2(am) sunday morning and decided to take the A one stop up to saint nick's pub. neighborhood jazz bar. old style- no cover pass the hat can't tell the musicians from the audience. half the people in the (packed) place are on stage performing at some point, people off stage are playing instruments, and most of the rest are dancing. saturday is africa night. african jazz and pop mostly from senegal and mali. house band is stellar.

most nights someone makes pot luck style food and offers it around for a small, sometimes optional contribution. the great drummer dennis davis (with david bowie on young americans and through the 80s) hangs out and plays here, and once we were here on his birthday when he made a giant pot of gumbo for everyone in the house.

the sound is bad on the video unfortunately, but one can get the vibe of the place.

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