Thursday, October 7, 2010

good bloody marys update.

diner, here, was newly included in the "bib gourmand" category of the 2011 nyc michelin guide, released yesterday. meaning you can have a more than reasonable amount of REALLY good food and wine there for under $40.

another bib gourmand place- dinosaur bbq. a few blocks away from home in harlem. goooood foooood! big place. happy lively atmosphere. downside is it has a formulaic, poised to franchise decor. canned "character" that makes you feel like you're in tomorrow's outback steakhouse.
also, public, a beautifully designed restaurant on elizabeth st, has a star in michelin. i LOVE to eat there! (but undistinguished bloody mary) public's sister restaurant, double crown, serves a great bloody mary (gushed about here)


marliave, here, also makes a very special house recipe bloody mary which is tart and nice to have with oysters (4 varieties served daily.) oysters are $1.00 each before and after dinner hours.

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