Wednesday, May 18, 2011

photography- new york photo festival- NYPH11

our friends eilis and eamon called friday evening. eamon received an award from the new york photo festival- editorial single image winner. they live in ireland, so we went to the party later that night to pick it up for him. link: eamon ward. eamon's winning photo is the first one in this nyph11 slide show:

New York Photo Awards 2011 - General Category Winners from New York Photo Festival on Vimeo.

the party was at st anne's warehouse in dumbo- we didn't really know anyone but we did run into alan chin, whom mike had met once through jason eskenazi*. chin is among the war photographers featured in this week's new york magazine.


these great photographs of cuba are by alex webb and rebecca norris webb whom i met today just by chance in boston. the photos will be on display in boston at the museum of fine arts through january 2011.


aaron watson hipped me to the albert watson show opening tomorrow at kahmann gallery in amsterdam!
more albert watson.

*jason eskenazi's kickstarter page: here

Thursday, May 12, 2011

five mile road

our cousin wendy sent us beautiful pictures she's taken, over several years, of the road though our family land in michigan. following our cousin's lead, christina's been investigating a contract with the state to keep our portion of the land undeveloped in it's natural state- in effect, as a sanctuary. more on this later.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


nomad window

windows i did this week at nomad in cambridge massachusettes, where my friend meg and are the merchandisers. the president's popularity surge. the obama fabric (available at nomad) is from shine shine in capetown south africa. the clothing is by project alabama, moda spia and others. book covers by rob ryan.

sweet 1925 blog!

my friend cyd wrote about me on her really cool style blog sweet 1925.- thanks cyd!!!!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

workers unite!

boston. international workers day. even in the current situation, as working people- mostly the middle class- are rapidly loosing power and wealth to those who have more, i never feel more jazzed about my country than when i see people freely taking to the streets to bitch about it! ha! i, and most of those pictured here, are in this for the unions, collective bargaining, immigration reasonableness (and red and black outfits!) the band, the haymarket martyrs, and the art below are from bread and puppet. photos by me and e rasmussen.

mayday makes me think about communism and socialism. glen e. friedman posted this famous (but dry) essay on socialism by albert einstein.

a few days later he posted this (impassioned!) "rebuttal."
more activist marching bands- honk.