Thursday, February 3, 2011

icp nyc. albert watson lecture.

albert watson gave a marvelous lecture at the icp last night. twice the length of the usual presentation, though he promised at the beginning he would keep it shorter than his previous icp appearance when he spoke for over 3 hours! he showed a video of a string of his photographs, then some slides with commentary, then, keeping things loose, stopped to take questions while slides continued to roll. there were many questions, affably answered. during the lecture and afterward while signing books he told little stories about the shots, not rehearsed anecdotes but just interesting or helpful info of the sort one might get from a friend at a cocktail party or a cousin at a wedding.
these are snapshots from last night. the black and white ones are of the show up in the school, portrait photography by students of amy arbus (who was there for the lecture.)

(thats watson's ear on the left of the second photo.)

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