Friday, June 29, 2012

demarest new jersey

we biked from harlem over the george washington bridge to this little town that our (tina's and my) ancestor founded.  samuel demarest.  he built a mill here and supplied flour for washington's army at valley forge.  his son was killed in the war and another son narrowly escaped.

i knew a little bit about that family history, but what i didn't know is that samuel's great great grandfather, david des marets, our first american ancestor,  was the provost of a small group who were the first settlers of harlem!  at 125th and 1st ave, a few blocks from us.  so, strangely, when i moved to harlem i was unwittingly returning to my own ancestral homeland!  weird.

i heart obamacare !

i regret i never followed through and made the i heart obamacare t shirts i envisioned last year.              (anatomical heart- of course!)

i always felt the term, intended by opponents to be derisive, was, in fact, a gift to the president.  

as americans benefit from the rights afforded by the plan, and as it's popularity grows (it inevitably will) this catchy unforgettable phrase will indelibly and eternally associate it with his presidency. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

evolution now antiques!

victorian oval walnut frame, yellow "jadite" mixing bowl, handmade mexican pitchers, 1968 marimekko dress, vintage frye boots, antique padlock necklace, 19 century hand wrought silver earrings from china.

available here


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

apparently the supreme court has upheld obama care including the individual mandate!!!!!!!!

a momentous historic development.


kennedy voted with the conservatives!

i'm amazed!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


top to bottom: celery soda and bloody mary at freeman's.

grenade boy in freeman's alley- anti-war street art by the army of one returns!

new mary galli album who cares (includes the hit single radiate.)

gilbert and george show.

3 pics of coney island.

street art- eldridge st.

street style- thompson st.

brooklyn art library.

every year thousands of artists world wide participate in the brooklyn art library sketchbook project by creating a book to be permanently archived in the library.

visitors can withdraw books and view them on the premises.

sketchbook by mary m galli.

Monday, June 18, 2012

hand doorknockers

i first saw hand shaped door knockers like these in tangier many years ago.  there they were said to represent the hand of fatima.  on our recent trip to mexico i encountered them again.  apparently they were popular in victorian times.  i got so spellbound by them that i wanted to have one, even though  i don't have a door! (I mean- we rent) i found two on ebay that had a similar weathered patina.  will post photos.