Sunday, June 3, 2012

mike's gala birthday weekend

maison premier

friday night was the beginning of a gala birthday weekend for mike! so after the lecture series at international center of photography we went down to the bowery hotel for a drink.  the lounge, as usual, was reserved for hotel guests and vips, but the host made an exception and offered us a comfy table across from the fire! nikki's visiting, and she joined us just before kiefer sutherland walked in, arms linked with a very pretty woman in her 30s or 40s with susan sontag grey hair.
drinks downed, we did a swanky bar hop over to balthazar for more cocktails and oysters before hitting the hay.

next morning- williamsburg.  spoonbill books.  the ink was running out at the spoonbill books photo booth, so mike is blue and nik is orange! maison premier is known for oysters and absinthe- which we had- but they do a great bloody mary too- a great one! coffee after at el almacen. later a midnight stop at the warm hearted harlem dive bar, paris blues.

continuing the feting this morning, (thanks to long distance bankroll from ralph and brenda) a big delicious brunch at oficina latina in nolita. and a mighty good bloody maria. thank you so much ralph and brenda!  the last three pictures are of fjallraven, vintagy swedish camp and outdoors clothes etc. more party tonight. restrained, i hope. i have to work in boston tomorrow! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi , i came across your blog post this morning . Can you tell me is this the lady who was with Kiefer on Frday Thank you .

  2. oops sorry about the link , how about this

    1. unfortunately new yorkers are honor bound to feign indifference to celebrities, so i only caught a sidelong glimpse of them as they walked by our table and out to the patio. pretty sure she was not the woman in your link.