Friday, April 30, 2010

north end derby parties

in the mid 1990s i rented a corner storefront in the north end. i called it a "vintage shop" but it really ended up being more of a hang out and clubhouse. every year my friend scott and i used to throw a kentucky derby party on the corner. i pulled a huge vintage tube tv out and friends and neighbors came by to bet and drink juleps.
i was never able to pay the bills and one year i hadn't paid the electric bill for a year and a half. it was over $700. a few days before the party the power was cut off. it was embarrassing and i thought the party was off with no tv. but my friend joe was the caretaker of the north bennet st school directly across the street. joe got a 50 foot orange electric cord and ran it out an upper window of the school, over the telephone poles, across the street and down the side of the shop. i don't think anyone noticed. that was the year these black and white photos were taken.


us on assateague island va. late 1960s

pillows and sheets

five mile road pillows

Thursday, April 29, 2010

baltimore- jfx- OPENING SUNDAY!

the jfx farmers market/bazaar in baltimore! in scale and diversity (of customers and produce) this baltimore market is better than any in manhattan. it leaves union square in the dust! farmers, cheese makers, crafters, artisans, watermen with crabs and shellfish, flowers, organic meats, fish and local produce of every kind are housed under the jones falls expressway. the market has been going for 30 years.
it's not just for yuppies and hipsters; here locally grown chanterelles and artisanal mustard pickles are for the people! baltimore is home to immigrants from all over the world so many types of cuisine are available here. prepared food ranges from vietnamese shrimp dumplings to french cambodian crepes, from caribbean jerk chicken to traditional chesapeake fried soft shell crabs.

art- "The Beast In Me- Johnny Cash"

a show at the nave gallery in cambridge, ma.

my friend mary gave this guitar pick to shepard fairey. he said it was cool.

( i bought my first two records in 1969 when i was 9: At Folsom Prison, and At San Quentin.)

show closes sunday.

Count Ca$h by Mary Galli.


shirts evolution now.

chinese therapy

chinatown, nyc.