Friday, April 30, 2010

north end derby parties

in the mid 1990s i rented a corner storefront in the north end. i called it a "vintage shop" but it really ended up being more of a hang out and clubhouse. every year my friend scott and i used to throw a kentucky derby party on the corner. i pulled a huge vintage tube tv out and friends and neighbors came by to bet and drink juleps.
i was never able to pay the bills and one year i hadn't paid the electric bill for a year and a half. it was over $700. a few days before the party the power was cut off. it was embarrassing and i thought the party was off with no tv. but my friend joe was the caretaker of the north bennet st school directly across the street. joe got a 50 foot orange electric cord and ran it out an upper window of the school, over the telephone poles, across the street and down the side of the shop. i don't think anyone noticed. that was the year these black and white photos were taken.

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  1. Why there's April! Proof of the legendary connection. (Did you hear she had a baby this summer?)
    Based on these great photos, I think the North End should've hired you as the party organizer. Perhaps you should contact the North End Chamber of Commerce and point out that things have been a little dull since you're not around as much.
    You look extremely fetching, especially in the first photos where you are watching the TV. Great to a find your blog.