Saturday, March 26, 2011



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japan relief shirt / los angeles street art on melrose and fairfax / ken brown istanbul street art pics

we're printing a new edition of the shirt with the japanese stamps on it and will donate 10% of the total sales (wholesale or retail) to tsunami relief. we wish we could give even more but we have to be sure we cover our costs 'cause we're starving artists.

on another note this familiar owl recently appeared as a handsome piece of street art in la by wllm. the photo is from the terrific street art blog melrose and fairfax. when i saw this i sent them a photo of our owl skirt...

but they didn't want to run it because it would be too close to marketing... which is not their mission... which only endeared me more to this blog! ha! happened on it when googling some art a few months ago, and briefly got a little addicted. smart, funny, sincere. insidery. posts of beautiful art at almost live blog pace- at least 3 (or 6... or 12!) times a DAY. the blow by blow los angeles pre-oscar banksy visitation, and all the crazy mayhem that ensued, is here, and so are artists unknown.

and- ken brown's great pics of istanbul streets and street art. more here. i heard ken's films/light
show sold out at the pompidou center last week!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

90th / 16th birthday party!

our dad was 90 on st. patrick's day! and christina's son (my nephew) was 16 two days later! it was warm enough for an al fresco family party at tina's house in rural tidewater maryland. tina and i took pictures.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

evolution now t shrts

next week we'll be printing an edition of shirts with images of early 20th century japanese stamps. we will donate 10% of the sales to tsunami relief. i'll have more specifics in future posts.

Monday, March 14, 2011

shopping in baltimore

reading glasses from the visionary art museum- get it?! many different styles- only $5.00! avam's shop, sideshow, is the best museum shop i've ever been to. full of heart and fun. the opposite of the usual humorless, deliberately "tasteful" aesthetic of most museum stores.

the kikkerland toothbrush set is from trohv. there is so much to covet in this beautifully curated hampden based store, which also carries evolution now clothing. the toothbrushes are 8.50 for a set of 5- less than an ugly toothbrush! great for a family or for a vacation house. trohv will be opening a second store in dc this spring.

more toothbrushes here

Thursday, March 10, 2011

good bloody marys- trestle on tenth.

trestle has two unusually tasty house recipe bloody marys- painstakingly concocted with unexpected secret ingredients (like fennel) ! everything we tried on the swiss inspired menu was great. cheese and house made artisanal pickle selections mouth watering. very pleasant contemporary/cozy atmosphere, too.

recommend this after a high line stroll.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

the armory show. random photos.

the armory show

globes by ingo gunther.

alan rath. wolkowitz. ny

patrick jacobs diorama. not a photograph- a small sculpture 3d landscape seen through a porthole. from pierogi. brooklyn.

we took a quick sweep through the armory show on sunday, closing day. it was too crowded. just took some pictures of things that seemed photogenic or compelling somehow.

jon kessler kinetic sculpture. from arndt. berlin.

yup, it is! it is steve buscemi! his, er, enigmatic (?) voom portrait collaboration with robert wilson. jiri sveska. prague. more in the video medley below.

at one point chuck close rolled by on his large and elaborate state of the art wheel chair vehicle. he was accompanied by a conspicuously tall stylish glamazon reminiscent of naomi cambell- but artier. he was wearing bright orange framed glasses and a pork pie hat. he looked great, and perfectly complemented this art here (man, machine and vivid color...)