Saturday, March 26, 2011

japan relief shirt / los angeles street art on melrose and fairfax / ken brown istanbul street art pics

we're printing a new edition of the shirt with the japanese stamps on it and will donate 10% of the total sales (wholesale or retail) to tsunami relief. we wish we could give even more but we have to be sure we cover our costs 'cause we're starving artists.

on another note this familiar owl recently appeared as a handsome piece of street art in la by wllm. the photo is from the terrific street art blog melrose and fairfax. when i saw this i sent them a photo of our owl skirt...

but they didn't want to run it because it would be too close to marketing... which is not their mission... which only endeared me more to this blog! ha! happened on it when googling some art a few months ago, and briefly got a little addicted. smart, funny, sincere. insidery. posts of beautiful art at almost live blog pace- at least 3 (or 6... or 12!) times a DAY. the blow by blow los angeles pre-oscar banksy visitation, and all the crazy mayhem that ensued, is here, and so are artists unknown.

and- ken brown's great pics of istanbul streets and street art. more here. i heard ken's films/light
show sold out at the pompidou center last week!

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