Sunday, March 6, 2011

the armory show. random photos.

the armory show

globes by ingo gunther.

alan rath. wolkowitz. ny

patrick jacobs diorama. not a photograph- a small sculpture 3d landscape seen through a porthole. from pierogi. brooklyn.

we took a quick sweep through the armory show on sunday, closing day. it was too crowded. just took some pictures of things that seemed photogenic or compelling somehow.

jon kessler kinetic sculpture. from arndt. berlin.

yup, it is! it is steve buscemi! his, er, enigmatic (?) voom portrait collaboration with robert wilson. jiri sveska. prague. more in the video medley below.

at one point chuck close rolled by on his large and elaborate state of the art wheel chair vehicle. he was accompanied by a conspicuously tall stylish glamazon reminiscent of naomi cambell- but artier. he was wearing bright orange framed glasses and a pork pie hat. he looked great, and perfectly complemented this art here (man, machine and vivid color...)

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