Friday, December 21, 2012

stop and frisk part 2

a few minutes ago i was walking down to 125th st and i passed 5 police surrounding a boy in a hoodie, maybe 13/14 years old. an adult woman and a younger girl were standing by.

he implored them: "can you tell em to let me go?"

"they just want to talk to you..." the woman said, looking worried.

my heart sank- another young kid of african descent detained by police for wearing a hoodie while black- probably to be patted down- how can this possibly be good for society?

but, on my way back, an ambulance was on the spot as well, so, more likely, something legitimately threatening had happened.

my initial reaction shows yet another undermining effect of the hideous stop and frisk policy.  an average citizen like me, seeing police activity on the street, finds it more likely that they're harassing an innocent pedestrian than fighting crime.  these stops humiliate law abiding young people, and discredit the reputation and integrity of police as well.

the whole situation is just so unhealthy for all concerned.

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