Wednesday, July 17, 2013

goodbye tropicana! stevie 1der n i r boycotting the GUNSFINE STATE.

when i heard about the zimmerman verdict my immediate response was to draw this.

simple minded, but i wore it around all day.  when the law protects a killer better than it protects a teenager, moral outrage is appropriate.


 i was interviewed by quiet lunch magazine.  though somewhat nervous and inarticulate, i at least managed to protest the outcome, and announce my own personal florida boycott!

i'm at 4:35 and 8:41 in the video.

others spoke better, and, in spite of the fact that i wasn't sure the piece had appropriate gravitas, (much like my own response, yes) it actually does get into the issues.

i have good friends and kin in florida and would never boycott them or other citizens of the state.  but economically, legally, i'm trying to put some distance, just for myself. 

found out stevie wonder is, too- link.  thanks norm and mike! 

is there such a thing as fresh squeezed california orange juice?

update: media coverage of the boycott here and here.

and here's where to join the boycott- link.

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