Monday, July 15, 2013

art galleries- neue galerie. the guggenheim. the metropolitan museum.

looking out the window at the guggenheim.

earlier we saw the haunting civil war photography show at the met.  the highlight was a series of over 30 3d photos which one can see through a 19th century 3d viewer.

there was a picture of lincoln and general mcclellan during a tense battlefield meeting under the eaves of a tent. seeing it in stereoscopic photography gave the eerie feeling of being almost actually present at the scene.  a voyeur peeking under the tent flaps, witnessing their famously strained interaction.

two great civil war books:

i'm afraid this is how i'm feeling about florida right now- not the people of the state, of course- but apparently the justice system allows a grown man with a gun to stalk an innocent unarmed teenager, provoke a confrontation, and kill him with impunity. perhaps this could happen anywhere, but the stand your ground law and others seem partially to blame.

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