Thursday, July 1, 2010

old glory

annapolis,maryland- once capitol of the united states. we grew up across the street from this house.
brooklyn . snapshot was taken in late spring after a walk over the manhattan bridge.

ground zero, former site of the world trade towers, their absence reflected in the in the windows of the millennium hilton.
washington dc january 20th 2009. 2 million people streaming toward the capitol for the inauguration of the 44th president.

aftermath of an iraq war protest march. new york city

site of the crash of flight 93 on september 11 2001. taken about 3 years ago in pennsylvania. a makeshift memorial had been erected by those who cared, with little official involvement,

washington dc. veterans of several wars and generations protested the iraq war on its fifth anniversary. those in the distance were members of iraq veterans against the war. they had climbed the facade of the national archives and were reading their charges through a megaphone as hundreds of police arrived, seemingly uncertain what to do. the national archives houses the original copy of the united states constitution, and as the protest took place bus loads of tourists from all over america were arriving to view it. some arguments broke out as many of the tourists expressed support for the war. the upside down flag is a signal of distress recognized by the u s code of laws, and by the military. it has frequently been used in protests across the political spectrum, by war protesters and tea partiers alike.
dumpster, harlem.

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