Thursday, September 23, 2010

pacific northwest- port townsend. sequim.

a trip to washington for norm and myla's wedding.

port townsend.

nash's farm- washington's second oldest organic farm. nash gave norm and myla a free range pig as a wedding gift.

i had one of the best meals i've had in years at alder wood bistro in sequim. artisanal locavore seasonal foodie food in a tiny town that seems to consist of one or two streets! it's REALLY good. both norm and myla have connections to the restaurant. myla works there and norm supplies the lumber for the wood fired oven from his small scale logging operation. chef/owner gabriel made planked local salmon for the wedding and closed the restaurant (on saturday!) so all involved could attend!

in this small community about 300 people showed up for the wedding. while some of us came from far and wide most of the guests were from sequim. in some ways the sequim scene reminded me of wellfleet on cape cod, but the cape landscape is stunted and cute, in sequim it's enveloping and ambivalent. the land of twin peaks and hank stamper.


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    great site and photos I wish I saw that boardwalk. very cool owl skirt, could I aquire it for karen?
    Loved seeing and spending time with you, I'll post a real letter soon...
    love Greg

  2. greg! it was SO good to hang out! you and karen and will should come visit soon. i'm psyched you like the blog. my sister tina makes the owl skirts and we'll save one for karen!