Wednesday, December 1, 2010

spur of the moment thanksgiving in harlem with marc and katya

roast chickens stuffed with lemon slices rosemary sprigs and and garlic cloves, ground black peppercorns and grey sea salt (no turkey.) wild rice olives walnuts roast parsnips turnips carrots red onions pan juice basted. moroccan style sliced caramelized carrots with tarragon and lots of cumin (no sweet potatoes.) brussels sprouts halved pan roasted then oven roasted. sliced beets with red onion slices marinaded in salt and balsamic vinegar, romaine, crumbled gorgonzola (no cranberry sauce.) a pitcher of pan juices- vermouth de-glazed and reduced (no gravy.) red wine champagne mimosas bourbon absinthe and such. marc- thanks for the photos!

we always seem to have thanksgiving in new york. either at home or at balthazar. there's a live poultry place a block away on 128th so one thanksgiving morning i walked down there and stood in line for a bird. i wasn't sure what to get- goose, gunnea hen, ducks... but after talking with the man behind me i decided pheasant. the poultry guy pulled the bird out of the cage and stuffed it live into into a cardboard box. not the way i was hoping to get it. there was a language barrier and confusion. but the man behind acted as translator; box went in the back and ten minutes later i had the bird ready to cook in a grocery bag. at the front of the poultry place several cashier guys hang out behind bulletproof glass. they have a tv back there and were watching cock fights.

alternatively, balthazar's like going back in time during the holidays. the huge antique mirrors are trimmed with evergreen garlands and twinkly white lights. pretty!!! really new yorky feeling on thanksgiving.


  1. Wow, I should have Thanksgiving with you guys some time, deelish! The live bird shop sounds somewhat scary. Is that where you get the blue crabs?

  2. sometimes see people selling blue land crabs live out of a chicken wire crate on the street on 116th- actually i may have seen them once on 125 too.

    can get blue water crabs live in china town. i got a dozen once and made crab cakes! how was the crabbing on the bay this year?