Friday, November 4, 2011

today it seems so much easier to identify with occupy new york than occupy oakland.  it's just off-putting to see pictures in the press of marauding ninjas in the streets busting windows and waving flags in front of burning buildings.  this is not the america most of us want to see unless it's on our video games. oakland needs to get its rogue element under control.

appropriate righteous outrage should be the attitude, not destructive mayhem.

my friend mary forwarded this interesting letter from the oakland police officer's association in which they declare themselves part of the 99%!

i've spoken to several police at occupy wall street and a week ago i asked one if he had any sympathy with the protest since he was presumably in the 99% too.  he turned to me with a suddenly very earnest manner and said "you know, i was just saying that to my brother last night!"

this morning i met another active duty army occupier who came up from north carolina to volunteer as a medic. the two of us got into a jolly three way discussion with an older man with an east european accent who was an advocate of "pure" unregulated capitalism.  the conversations that are going on the park are so great!  there is much happy disagreement as conservatives and "pragmatists" engage with articulate idealistic occupants.  last week an elderly affluent looking woman was passing with a look of great delight on her face.  "this is wonderful!" she whispered.  "i disagree with everything they're saying but i'm so happy they're doing it!"  then, as her grumpy husband urged her away she added "well, i don't disagree with everything- i am against greed!"
we both laughed and i said, "its surprising how much common ground is being discovered!"


  1. So sad but when any "institution" (movement) gets too big, there are always infiltrators... The anarchists in this case are a very small percentage ( 1% of the 99%?) and do not represent the majority of the Oakland Occupiers. Unfortunately they damaged more than property, but it's all in the mix, they exist too, where it will go from here we will have to wait and see.
    Ps- love yr blog xo

  2. hi lucky chicken!!!!! i know what you mean! and of course many occupiers are wondering if the vandalism was started by undercover agitators. doubtless there are loads of undercover police in zuccotti, oakland and all the occupations. what they're up to is a frequent topic of speculation.

  3. fabulous - great - love to hear what's going on up there from an intelligent observer/activist