Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas!

christina's christmas dinner table

i really love to shop in dollar stores and in chinatown for charming old fashioned things- not kitschy stuff but handmade things or things that seem like they might have come from an old country store. i make a lot of acquisitions for christmas stocking stuffers.  i found the red and green pencils 20 for a dollar and added aluminum pencil sharpeners (6/$1.) with replaceable blades, and cute kickerland dice erasers (6/$1.) i got at a charity shop.

the bamboo (sustainable!) cooking forks and spoons came in packs for $1.50 each and so did the cotton dish towels

early christmas morning, main street, annapolis.

in chinatown roman candles were 50 cents each- good gift with $2. sturdy metal fire extinguisher lighters!

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  1. Such a beautiful christmas! thanks so much beck!