Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the moth nyc grand slam winner tara clancy

our friend tara won the moth nyc grand slam last night!  all the stories were good and some were near great, but only one really had the audience howling and cheering.  gotta say it's rare to see one person so intensely stand out in a group.  tara took the highline ballroom stage and electricity entered the room.  the energy, honesty and humor of her story just lit up the crowd which roared and applauded like crazy.  story was fast paced, rich in detail, touching, funny.  tara clancy.
above not my photos.

this guy has nothing to do with tara, but they look like they're talking to each other.  taken at haymarket boston.

i suspect tara will be famous! maybe in the manner of people named sedaris or others you hear on this american life- or maybe even like lenny bruce (!) who knows?!  i did know a couple of other characters who are now well known raconteurs- marc marondoc hammer.  stories about them some other time.

evolution now moth shirt.

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