Sunday, September 30, 2012

the new york art book fair 2012.

photographer paul mpagi sepuya.

a chris burden book at the nero table. he's most famous for his early pain and danger performance art but also makes ingenious  kinetic sculptures.  some are massive, some miniature. industrial art toys that will titillate anyone fascinated by the romance and menace of  machines. current work.

below, artist mishka henner was very genial. i was looking at his book no man's land. "this is great!" i said.  "i'm the artist!"  he replied, "they're google photos!"  i thought i'd seen them before, but i realized i was thinking of nine eyes, curated by jon rafman, which is very different though also comprised of google street shots.

mishka henner (right, below) also had this fabulous work at the fair- astronomical.  i'd like to own it- i think it would help me keep things in perspective!

yale press had a roy lichtenstein book. i met roy lichtenstein once.  he did a limited edition print to raise money for bill clinton's first presidential campaign. my friend mark steitz was the director of opposition research at the democratic national committee, and had given me a ticket to the vip inaugural ball. during the primaries i had drawn a political cartoon for him that was used in a regional dnc mailing.

before the ball mark took me to a small cocktail party.  it was thrown for a little cabal of notable people who had worked in various behind the scenes ways to help get clinton elected.  among them were garry trudeau and al frankin...

"there's someone i want you to meet" mark drew a man over. "mr. lichtenstein," he said, "i'd like you to meet rebecca demorest, she did some artwork for the campaign too." (!) deliberately, and comically, he had  put me on the same level as the great artist.  story says little about me, or roy lichtenstein, who was really nice, but so much about mark. his graciousness and impish generosity!

the polka dot book is by otto d handschuh. at mark pezinger, verlag.

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