Friday, October 12, 2012

quick debate thoughts- more shortly

martha raddatz was a great debate moderator and she kept the discourse cogent, specific, informative.

ryan tried to make the case for tax cuts for the rich, military buildup, cuts in education and medicare.

biden made the case for less spending on weapons and wars more spending on special forces. protection for the middle class.  economic growth from the middle out- not from the top down.

ryan dishonestly tried to make it sound as though sequestering was obama policy, saying he (the president) plans to cut trillions from the military. ryan voted for sequestering and praised it.

obama didn't vote for it, endorse it, or propose it. but, he didn't veto it.

at one point i was afraid biden was directing too much aggression at raddatz. wondered if crucial woman voters would find this ungentlemanly.

i really like the term malarkey!

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