Sunday, February 17, 2013

birthday on the bloody angle

once ruled by gun and hatchet wielding tong gangsdoyers street is a hidden bending alley in the heart of chinatown. hip sing tong and on leong tong carried out bloody vendettas on this corner and and in the rabbit warren of rooms and hidden passageways in surrounding buildings. it was called the bloody angle, and in 1994 law enforcement officials stated that more violent deaths had occurred here than at any other corner in the united states.  the term hatchet man originated here.  (the history brings to mind the fabulous axe dance scene from the mesmerizing and exhilarating and hilarious martial arts film kung fu hustle- click the bottom right corner of the video to watch full screen.)

nom wah tea parlor opened on doyers street in 1920 and is new york's oldest dim sum restaurant.  it's been the setting for numerous movies, photo shoots and music videos, but reached it's pinnacle of glamour last friday, when douglas michael chose it as the location of his surprise birthday party for reverend evelyn melissen!  rev ev was completely surprised! the party went late, winding up at kgb in the early morning.

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