Monday, April 15, 2013

in boston today.

i'm in boston today.  not a happy day for this city, or the many thousands who came from all over the word for 2013 marathon.

i was working in cambridge when news of the bombings broke. people began calling from all over to make sure we were ok. and we started our own calls, to friends and relatives we feared might have gone to see the race finish.  one friend, a professional masseuse, was working on runners who crossed the finish line.  we were so glad to get a text that she was ok. but although she wasn't amid the carnage, she saw the explosion from a distance, and was on the crime scene; which was in lock down all day. when we saw her later she was still visibly shaken.

the subways are at crawl while police investigate the bombings, so i took a commuter train across town from cambridge and am sitting in the emptying north station below td garden, where the boston bruins hockey game was cancelled tonight.  over the loudspeaker announcements are being aired continually every 2 or 3 minutes. "ladies and gentlemen, we ask that all persons remain vigilant at all times. we ask for your cooperation. please report anything suspicious to the mbta transit police, at 617 222 1212."

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