Saturday, May 17, 2014

pictures taken at the  handsome elevated restaurant in the lobby of union station in washington d.c. once, in the 1980s i was having a drink with a friend, mark steitz, who had been director of opposition research at the democratic national committee. he bumped into a woman he knew and they both looked delighted.  it was dee dee myers, president clinton's press secretary.  mark's, a pretty well connected guy, who was even friendly with pamela harriman!

other pics at the soho grand, the woolworth building and tiny's in tribecca.  photography is verboten in the woolworth but luckily i started taking pictures before i found out.  i had a french 75 in the bar at the soho grand monday night (note- unless you specify they make it with cognac here, not gin.) the atmosphere was very polite and no one was playing with their devices or taking any pictures so i felt inhibited to photograph, but i did take one in the elevator

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