Tuesday, June 17, 2014

governors martin o'malley, terry mcauliffe, jack markell, and tom corbett pledge to save the chesapeake bay!

four governors and other luminaries gathered yesterday on the annapolis city dock. i just happened to be present with my little leica.

presidential hopeful o'malley and the governors of virginia, delaware and pennsylvania signed an agreement to work together and increase accountability in the effort to clean up the bay. reuters coverage: link

department of the interior info: link

governor tom  corbett leaving the event. i'm not crazy about his political attitudes, but check out his look! he really makes me want a yellow tie and white hair!  and an attractive entourage! (though, guy in the middle, thats a pretty busy tie to wear with a pinstripe jacket?!) but, i mean, truly, not ironically, the governor looks great!

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