Saturday, November 22, 2014

i try not to opine on this blog but...

while I'm on the soapbox, I'm so glad that our president is finally free to to be at least a fraction of the visionary he appeared to be when he first ran for the office

like wyatt earp at last he's facing intimidation with guns blazing, and after 6 years under the heel of republicans in the house he's finally free of electoral pressures and finally free to act.

i support his initiative because economists agree it benefits our american economy.  I'm delighted that's possible while also helping individual people. it brings a several million strong underground economy into the legitimate world and allows that block to be a spur to new business catering to these new tax paying workers.

and its also politically shrewd, generous to his party, 'cause those millions may now feel loyalty to democrats.

the others, who oxymoronically* call themselves "right," are concurrently trying to figure out how to exploit the  latin american voting block.  that's why they are so angry that the president will now get credit for protecting

*i use the term as william f buckley did- inherent contradiction.

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