Monday, August 2, 2010

i heart new york.

some t shirt pics taken above the russian tearoom.
my friend laura was once waiting for a table in the russian tea room when the then very old salvador dali and his notorious wife gala were dining.
laura was an interesting, chic woman. her style was sort of prep/punk, uptown/downtown. it worked equally well for the hamptons or in the east village; she had blond hair and an ever so slightly louche jean harowe sassy quality. when i ran into her she always had something fabulous to tell me: she was going helicopter skiing in alaska, or entering the witness protection program. she dated iggy pop.
anyway dali and gala invited her to sit with them and she did.
i'm afraid these days the tea room isn't the type of place where dali would want to dine- but then it was still great.

clothes! penguin brand pants, frye boots, evolution now t shirt.

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