Thursday, August 12, 2010


we had a noirish week at the omni parker house in boston last month. the parker house is america's oldest continuously operating hotel. john kennedy proposed to jackie in the hotel restaurant, where ho chi min once worked as a baker and malcom x was a busboy (true!). in the 1800's it was the meeting place for a circle of intellectuals including emmerson and longfellow. eponymous "parker rolls" and boston cream pie originated in the restaurant as did the term "scrod." the hotel is considered to be haunted. we took these photos in and around the hotel, and in the kennedy and marliave restaurants nearby. i dropped the color saturation on the photos because that's the way the place feels; when you walk in you feel like you're in an old movie- nick and nora charles or agatha christie. captain humple stabbed miss rupert with a steak knife in the last hurrah lounge...

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