Monday, November 15, 2010

more jfx baltimore!

kale, pies, crepes, smoked salmon and mussels, pad thai, printemps pottery, shrimp rolls, pickles and pestos, peppers, grilled sausages, pumpkins, plant sticks!
baltimore farmers market under the jfx expressway. evolution now and five mile road screen prints at the holliday street entrance. sundays 7- noon.

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  1. Love the pics! Such a great season at the JFX. Snow, sleet, or rain the market is in full swing until right before Christmas. Fresh scents of pine, spruce, and smoke fill the air. Evolution Now/Five Mile Road textile shop, just outside the Holliday Street entrance, Printemps Pottery, one of a kind jewelry and much more. Not to mention the yummy food!