Wednesday, November 3, 2010

mr stewart and mr colbert go to washington

well... perhaps the less i say about the election the better (although everyone i voted for won! hooray!) anyway my friend liz sent me her photos of the restore sanity event in washington. even though sanity was not restored i still like the pictures!
the rally drew over 200,000 people by objective estimates (two hundred thousand!,) and caught dc off guard- restaurants, transportation, and accommodations, expecting a third of that, were overwhelmed. glen beck's rally to restore prejudice drew 85,000.

i did find this fairly sane chart on a conservative blog. click on image to enlarge. opinion?


  1. It is a very interesting chart. Looks like it came from a UK site? I like most the parallel constructions (the beliefs, the family) and how they mirror one another.
    I posted it on Facebook and had 5 people like it, 2 of whom were going to print it out for their teens. I'm going to also pass it along to my favorite middle school social studies teacher. Thanks for finding it, and as always, thanks for photos.