Tuesday, April 12, 2011

mary galli show- april 30- store 54 allston, ma. (16b harvard ave.)

beautiful work from mary's previous (sold out) show at zuzu. i'll have pics of current work after this show opens on april 30th (3-7pm.) mary's openings are a total blast. the zuzu party rocked and i can take a small amount of credit 'cause i brought my dance 45's and everyone got up and got down. mary's friend brian was the actual dj- i just brought a box of tunes. weirdly, brian and i both showed up with the same obscure lp- rufas thomas crown prince of dance. this year our vinyl won't be needed though, 'cause wayne viens is going to dj and he has the best collection of vintage dance funk of anyone i know.

i OWN this one!

ink meets wheatpaste. ink belongs to mary. wheatpaste is by gaia -fabulously soulful baltimore street artist. hope to get more pics of gaia's work next trip down there.
more mary here and here
link:mary galli


  1. cyd! bummed i missed you in ny- maybe you can come by mary's opening- xo!

  2. Is betsey the real betsey? Evan says "hi"

  3. the REAL betsy- yes! betsy said to say hi to evan! how long are you in mississippi? i love your blog! (http://sweet1925.blogspot.com/)