Thursday, October 20, 2011

bread and circus. good bloody marys and violin. prune, occupy wall street and carnegie hall

"mayor bloomberg" opened snl this week: link.  he suggested those attending occupy wall street make some time to go out to dinner or enjoy a broadway show.   this was a joke on snl, but it sounds like  real life to me.  hey- why shouldn't the 99% have some fun?! in between visits to liberty park i hit carnegie hall and had brunch at foodie/bloody mary mecca- prune.  we got cheap same day last row seats for this:

gil shaham was mesmerizing.  the times reviewed it here

prune's bloody marys are legendary, and of all i've tried in new york, i think prune's may be my very favorite.  there are 10 different kinds, they make up a whole section of the menu!  the ones in the picture are "green lake" and "chicago matchbox" bloodies. the green lake has absolut, wasabi, and a beef jerky swizzler.  chicago has handmade lemon vodka and pickled baby veggies.  i also love the "danish" made with aquavit, fennel and a citrus cured white anchovy.  served with a beer chaser!

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