Thursday, October 20, 2011

lisa simione, occupy.

i heard on the news this morning that a broadcaster has been fired from an npr affiliate because she's been acting as a spokesperson for occupy dc.  saw the story again in the daily beast and i was surprised to learn it was "world of opera" host lisa "the voice" simione, who i knew in annapolis 30 years ago.  she had conspicuous star quality- smart, beautiful, vivacious, fun.  a chic, brainy glamazon- obviously destined for an interesting life.

more- great hufpo coverage: link


  1. I met Lisa Simione at the Stop the Machine occupation of Freedom Plaza in early October where she is on the steering committee. She is not with occupydc which is a different group. Although both groups have made great effort, when dealing with the media to distinguish themselves from each other, confusing these two groups has been a common mistake in the media

    She is, indeed, as you describe her above.

  2. thanks so much for the clarification! if you have more info or links please follow up. to my joy protest is spreading so fast i need help to stay abreast!