Tuesday, April 17, 2012

meson de la cofradia

link: meson de la cofradia

sculptor cesar aceves, who was born in this house, has opened it to guests. it's a beautiful and very personal place, full of art and character.  the aesthetic of the proprietor is so strong that it might not be to the taste of every traveler- the tiled table dining atrium and erotic art might seem funky for someone used to four seasons or w hotels. so skip it if your thing is to be luxuriously insulated in urban chic. this hotel is lovingly devoted to local art and culture!

so, if attention to visual detail, vivid pristine rooms (opening to a garden courtyard) filled with decorative art, cozy blankets and hand laundered sun dried sheets are to your taste- you've found your place!

cesar shared his personal collection of mexican art with us- original drawings and prints by great and emerging mexican artists, including gilberto navarro and posada, some personally inscribed to cesar.

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  1. Wow, it looks like it was a great trip - beautiful!