Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the five borough bike ride

it's not really my usual thing, but we went on the 5 borough bike ordeal.

"where else in america could i be in a crowd of 30,000 people and be the only one in jeans?" i pondered to mike.

over lots of cool suspension bridges.

it was a bit anticlimactic when we made it to "the festival." after biking 35 miles all we got for free was a bite of parmesan cheese and a plastic fan on a key chain. but a guy said to me "you rode 35 miles on that bike (!)... in your jeans!?  you're a hell of a woman!"  

there were people riding who had much bigger handicaps than jeans, and i noticed at least two on oxygen.

5 more miles to the staten island ferry-

pretty hungry after but we didn't have bike locks, so- dinner (and praiseworthy bloody mary) on the sidewalk at the park under the high line.

 a memorial.

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