Friday, May 11, 2012

ancient carnelian beads. antique african amber.

deb gave me a strand of ancient excavation beads which included these incredible fossilized sea urchins.  nomadic people in mali made them into beads 2000 years ago.  the carnelian beads are of the same age and region.

old pressed amber beads tina and i collected in the 70s when we were teenagers.  i bought the victorian coral just after the import ban, before the price went up- i could never afford it now.


  1. are you selling this beads?

    1. hi mesut!

      thanks for asking about the beads. the beads in the second photo will be for sale. they are ancient carnelian excavation beads from mali. let me know if you're interested. they will be about $50. for a 6 to 8 inch strand.

      thanks again for for interest!