Monday, November 5, 2012

am i better off? (reposted from september 7th.)

the conventions have me asking myself:

am i better off than i was 4 years ago?

well, i can get health insurance.

i have a fledgeling but prospering small business which i attribute to the gradual improvement of the economy.

my loved ones are less likely to be killed in a war, and america's great terrorist enemy osama bin laden is dead.

my taxes are lower.

our house is worth more.

my niece could afford to go to college, and my teenage nephew got a job with a start up business.

oh, and thanks to the government rescuing the auto industry, the economy in michigan, where i have land and kin, has been saved from disaster. (so has ohio's)

life could have been even better than this- but unfortunately  some people stood in the way, trying to block every improvement-

republicans in washington who swore to oppose all progress.

i think clint eastwood was right, when someone isn't doing the job we've got to let them go.  the republican "legislators" unashamedly refused to do any work at all. they actually vowed not to try to solve america's problems!  and i still have to pay their salaries.  gotta let 'em go.

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