Thursday, November 8, 2012

the democrats were extremely organized.

i made calls for obama on monday and tuesday.

though on a trip without internet access, i managed to find a place where i could get email.  there were several messages from move on asking me to make calls, all i had to do was click on a link, and a name and phone # appeared along side a script.  so i did it for a couple of hours both days.

at one point i reached an eighty-two year old african american man in virginia.  he wanted to vote but was in a walker and couldn't get to the polls.  i doubtfully told him i'd see if there was anything i could do.

i replied to the email from move onexplaining the situation and forwarding the name and phone # of the man in newport news.  in 10 minutes i had a response- tell the man to contact his local get out the vote organization, and it included the address and phone. so i went ahead and called the newport news obama for america.  they delightedly took the name and number and said they had volunteers standing by to ferry voters.

a random new yorker on the road in boston could reach a would-be voter in a swing district and get a car to his door within an hour!  

i think this degree of organization and efficiency goes a long way to explain obama's win.

a friend forwarded this link on the subject.


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    1. so cool!

      making those calls turned out to be really fun and somewhat addictive. i talked to a lot of very interesting people and may post about them in the future. also got hung up on and bitched at, but who cares?!

      been loving your blog! and i noticed some of your pics on ev grieve!