Friday, September 20, 2013

new lunder pavilion at colby college museum of art.

colby college museum of art. a world class museum in a tiny town in maine. the newly opened lunder pavilion houses such strong collections- especially american. whistler, homer, american impressionists. a major alex katz collection. also john marin, richard serra and much, much more!

the current photo show included a 1937 view of the viaduct 3 or 4 blocks from us in harlem.

it's now a trendy restaurant neighborhood, but when we arrived, over 10 years ago, it was deserted and decrepit, and the meat shops in the photo were still there!

photo realist richard estes had two paintings on view.  one of mount katahdin in maine, the other of columbus circle 2 blocks from mike's shop at rare violins of new york.

below, works by chuck close and claes oldenburg.  more about chuck close here.

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