Thursday, January 17, 2013

steve mccurry. portrait of an afghan girl

a few of steve mccurry's images-

photojournalist steve mccurry lectured at the international center of photography last december.  i took some snapshots. his awe inspiring life's endeavor i can only describe as a quest; though he talked about it in in a very down to earth manner. mccury is most famous for his portrait of an afghan girl for national geographic.  recently he returned to afganistan to try to find her.  in his lecture he tells what happened, and much more.  you can watch steve mccurry's talk at the icp here: link

though the content of his photos ranges from portrait to conflict, landscape to beauty, the shots share breathtaking color and composition.
carefully framed to eliminate extraneous color and information, whether in war photography, street photography or portrait, the structures tend to rely on one or two heavily saturated hues, vivid against neutral tones.

the compositions and palette have a classical feel; reminded me of da vinci and della francesca.  perhaps mccurry, like cartier-bresson, spent a great deal of time in art galleries, absorbing the pictorial techniques of the masters.

after the lecture there was a feeding frenzy of book and poster signing.

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