Monday, January 14, 2013

thriftily shopping

muji products from the MoMA store- recycled thread socks; i give my friend deb a set every year. beautifully designed tape dispenser ($2.00) and tape ($1.25;) tiny key ring sketchbooks/notebooks ($1.00.)

funny syringe ball point pens i bought at a "one peso" store in mexico.  three for a dollar.

from chinatown dollar stores- miffy erasers (50 cents each) and classic aluminium pencil sharpeners with replaceable blades (6 for a dollar.) nice stuff, not pricey; who doesn't love things for writing and drawing?

the charming vintage wrapping paper is from sideshow at the visionary art museum in baltimore, on post christmas sale for 25 cents a sheet.

antique miniature jacknife necklace from evolution now.

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